Find Your Voice is a pediatric speech and occupational therapy private practice that provides evaluations and  therapy services in office, the client’s home,
preschool, or day care.


Therapy sessions are individualized to focus on the child’s strengths, interests, and learning style. We believe every child has a voice and are passionate about finding the right voice.


We pride ourselves on building trust and strong relationships with our clients. We use a team approach, combining our professional expertise with the individual family’s goals, to work toward individual growth.

& fun

Whether it's a scavenger hunt in the backyard to find "s" words or practicing following directions while making cookies, we are committed to making therapy enjoyable.


We come to you

Evaluations and therapy are provided in the office, the home, private preschool or daycare environment with a certified speech language pathologist and/or occupational therapist.

Session length and frequency is dependent on the needs of each individual client

Our sessions are typically scheduled for 45-minutes and frequency is dependent on the need of each individual client.

working together

Families are encouraged to be an active part of our therapy sessions in order to best carry over activities and skills outside the therapy sessions.